You received notice from us after you filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case with the court on your own (pro-se). We monitor the bankruptcy court systems in the Northern and Middle Districts of Georgia for individuals who filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case on their own and offer our assistance in prosecuting the case. According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, only 2.3% of Chapter 13 cases filed pro-se are successful. Completing all the necessary documents to file a complete Chapter 13 case is a difficult task and getting a Chapter 13 plan of repayment confirmed by the court is even more difficult. If you are struggling to understand all that is involved in successfully filing and prosecuting a Chapter 13 case, we are here to help.

Many people are reluctant to get an attorney involved in filing a bankruptcy case because they believe they cannot afford an attorney. In reality, when you file a bankruptcy case, the court filing fee must be paid and you must complete a credit counseling course regardless of whether you are filing on your own or with an attorney. Most attorneys that file Chapter 13 cases do not require that you pay attorney fees up front. The attorney fees are paid over the duration of the bankruptcy case and are included in the Chapter 13 plan payment that you make to the Trustee. You will likely not have to pay attorney fees up front for an attorney to assist you in prosecuting your Chapter 13 case.

You can lose money or your property by filing a bankruptcy case on your own. Under the bankruptcy code, you have a limited number of chances to demonstrate to the court that you can successfully prosecute a Chapter 13 case. If you continually file bankruptcy cases on your own, you can end up losing your home or car. You should obtain sound legal advice and representation before filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case.

If you are trying to save your home, save your car, or just want to obtain relief from your creditors and have filed a case on your own, call our office to see how we can help you find an attorney to assist you to navigate the bankruptcy process. They will work with you to file the remaining schedules for your bankruptcy petition, prepare and file a Chapter 13 plan, represent you at the Section 341 Meeting of Creditors, and guide you through confirmation of your Chapter 13 plan.



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